Actual Line Up:

ALEXIO - Extreme Vox
OLGA SOL - Clean Vox
OXY - Guitar
HEIM - Drums
"FIVE" - Bass

SUNWALTER project was launched in Moscow on August 31st, 2008. Originally it was defined as melodic black metal, and the band held true to this genre until as late as 2010. However, at the beginning of 2010 it became obvious, that the band’s concept and music are in no way different from lots of other melodic black metal formations. That’s why, in order to support the band’s growth and development, to expand the audience, and to mark SUNWALTER out from the others, it was decided to add some unique zest. First, some power metal elements were implanted, and in a short while the former melodic black aspect left no trace but vocals.

The year 2010 saw the first recording, “Space Flight” EP, that introduced the renewed individual style. For the first time, the band mixed clean female and extreme male vocals in the song “Rotten”. Time showed that the experiment of using two completely different vocals was rather successful, so the role of SUNWALTER leading vox from now on was divided between clean female and extreme male vocals. The song “Space Flight” also laid the foundation for a new lyric concept, one year later consolidated by the release of “Nibiru” single.

Since then, the band’s lyrics were classified as Sci-Fi (Science Fiction), but only in part, because the rest of SUNWALTER songs describe quite real scientific facts that have nothing to do with fiction. Anyway, SUNWALTER lyrics are first and foremost associated with space and aliens. Some songs can evoke a feeling of something extraterrestrial, sharpening the listener’s perception from the very first notes.

The instrumental aspect of SUNWALTER music is a symbiosis of such genres as metalcore, power and modern metal. That can be clearly seen in the songs from the “SETI Evidence” album. The release of this debut full-length album in 2013 attracted a vast audience both in Russia and abroad. Just as expected, there were fans of quite different heavy metal subgenres, and everyone found their own point of interest in “SETI Evidence” songs.

The year had not ended yet when the band decided to record a new single named “Forbidden Sun”. This release also included a cover version of “E.T.” (originally performed by Katy Perry). The sound was made a bit softer than before, but in general SUNWALTER music remains heavy and to a certain extent extreme. Nowadays this mixture of genres is classified as Sci-Fi Metal.