SUNWALTER (after English "Sun" and German "Walter") represent one of the new genres of heavy music, known as Sci-Fi Metal.

At a certain point in time the SUNWALTER crew was abducted by a group of alien creatures. None of the previous events still matters. After a while, the crew members returned to the Earth safe and sound (at least, they tend to believe so). Since then, the musicians have been keeping contact with the extraterrestrial intelligence. In their songs they deliver encrypted messages from the deepest space, revealing the secrets of the Universe for the good of Earthmen.

Any listener can experience the impact of the SUNWALTER space patrons, since the extraterrestrial intelligence supervises the content of all songs. Moreover, during live performances the luminescence of special alien technologies can be observed, forming an individual light show for each song.

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(!) Proportions of the symbol and logo should not be changed in any case. Applying "bevel & emboss" effects is not advisable.

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