The extraterrestrial race of Arcturians gave the go-ahead to our crew to start beta testing of the Sci-Fi Metal Opera. At the moment, three locations and dates are known when this will happen. All our announced performances will be held in experimental mode. However, we are waiting for everyone to come to this open beta test, because some moments may not get into the final release, which means they may be seen only once.


Earthlings! Thank you all so much for your support at yesterday's concert in Moscow. The cosmic atmosphere in the Alibi club has not yet completely dissipated. We have returned to outer space and are analyzing all the photo and video data received for representatives of the Arcturians and Anunnaki. Very soon our onboard computer HAL350 will process all incoming content and send it to representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence.


The SUNWALTER crew would like to thank all residents of the planet Earth who attended our yesterday show at “Live Stars”.

Thanks for your extraterrestrial support, for receiving our signals, which we transmitted to you from different corners of the Universe, and for the friendly atmosphere you created during the whole event. Moreover, we express our gratitude to terrestrial colleagues from Dragonspell, heXenblatt and Nos?eep bands, who did their best to make the evening. We’ll see you again, and may the Universe be with all of us!


The representatives of the Arcturian and Anunnaki races have partially downgraded the security level of the “Betrayed Alliance” track, which will be a part of the upcoming sci-fi metal opera. Our onboard computer HAL350 has put together some video fragments captured in the course of working on the song.

Have a pleasant viewing!


The work on new tracks intended for the Sci-Fi Metal opera is progressing step by step. The representatives of the extraterrestrial Anunnaki race have given their permission to show some extracts from those tracks to the inhabitants of the Earth.


The media content generation is over, space patrons would like to thank Earthmen for patience and participation in the "Drilling The Europe Tour"!

Sunwalter - Message from Nowhere
Lyric video // live footage

Production: Leftography


The journey called “Drilling The Europa Tour” hs successfully ended. The SUNWALTER crew would like to thank all residents of the Earth for their support at the concerts. Soon, our further plans will be revealed. Stay tuned and follow the news. And may the Universe be with you!


The SUNWALTER crew proudly present the new single: “Lexx (Divine Assassin)”.

The song is dedicated to the Divine Assassin from the Light Universe. It was he, who we met on our way back from the Delphic Expanse after the fractal core formation, which serves as a portal between two Universes. This is a direct evidence of the existence of parallel Universes.

Use the following LINK to listen to and download the track.


Sunwalter - Planetary Protector (Lyric video)
Galactic thanks to Anton Trubin for the visuals!

You can purchase the digital "Alien Hazard" copy at the following services:
Google Play

Collector's CD edition and other merchandise are available in our web-shop.


The second space journey dedicated to the support of Alien Hazard album is now considered complete. During this tour we played 8 gigs in different cities of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Russia. The SUNWALTER crew would like to thank everyone who rendered support at all these events!

Now, our spaceship is far beyond the Solar System, and we are preparing new material under the careful guidance of the extraterrestrial races. For the purpose of informing the inhabitants of Earth most rapidly, we use our pages in social networks: VK, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube и Twitter.


"The Course of the Alien King" — joint tour of Sunwalter and Lux Perpetua bands.

Earthmen! Those of you, who watched our tour diary, must know that Lux Perpetua are some outstanding representatives of your race! Our extraterrestrial patrons put a lot of hope upon the collaboration with them, that's why we decided to continue our joint operation in terms of "The Course of the Alien King" tour.

During the tour, we are going to visit 7 cities in the territory of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, and if the mission is successfully accomplished, we'll also land in the capital of Russia, and in some other large cities.

Follow the news on SUNWALTER pages in social media:
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Gig Dates on our website.


We have successfully completed our space journey under the tour dedicated to the "Alien Hazard" album release. The SUNWALTER crew would like to express a vast gratitude to all Earthmen who supported us to the extent possible in different locations during the entire period. In a short while, we are going to tell what is to be expected further...


Upcoming dates of SUNWALTER shows as part of "Alien Hazard" album presentation and European tour.
30.09.2017 (Moscow, RU)
06.10.2017 (Reutlingen, DE)
07.10.2017 (Harderwijk, NL)
13.10.2017 (Olomouc, CZ)
15.10.2017 (Warsaw, PL)


From the depths of the Universe, we, SUNWALTER sci-fi metal crew, transmit our long-awaited album! With the assistance of the Extraterrestrial Intelligence, guiding us all the time, we managed to bring into life this truly cosmic release titled "Alien Hazard".

In order to purchase and download the album, please follow the links:
Google Play

Collector's CD edition is available from the members of our crew, or via the feedback form (the price equals to 15 USD)


"...Many years ago high-ranking representatives of the Illuminati made a treaty with the majority of extraterrestrial races. According to it, any contact between the extraterrestrial intelligence and Earthmen should be mediated by the Illuminati initiates. However, some delegates of alien races tend to ignore these agreements, thus opening a channel for unexpected contacts between Earthmen and the extraterrestrial intelligence. In precisely this way the members of the SUNWALTER band were abducted by the Grey and, upon returning to the Earth, appointed as secret interactive mediums maintaining cosmic contacts. The SUNWALTER band share all their knowledge, transmitted by the Grey, with the people of Earth by encrypting the messages in their songs. The "Alien Hazard" album deals with high stakes and risks, inevitably arising when those responsible for the Earth try to do business with extraterrestrial races. This relationship resembles a stressful game, where intergalactic leaders take part. Lots of secrets and puzzles of the Universe are still undiscovered for the Earthmen, but almost each song of the SUNWALTER band lifts this veil. The "Alien Hazard" album provides every person on the planet with new knowledge of the extraterrestrial reality, and even gives an answer for some sacral questions touching on the Solar system and our galaxy..."


Earthmen, residents of Mars and the Moon, as well as other representatives of the Universal intelligence!

We have launched the preparation activities for the show dedicated to the presentation of our long-awaited "Alien Hazard" album. The event will take place on September 30th at Glastonberry club (large hall). We are going to share the stage with Deadheaven and CONFLICT bands. Together we'll create an unforgettable sci-fi atmosphere!

Join the official event pages, so that you could keep up-to-date and by no means miss the performance.

Event in VK: https://vk.com/sunwalter_ah
Event in Facebook'е: https://www.facebook.com/events/114620465823025



Here comes a backstage video from Sunwalter photo session.

As promised, we report on our recent cowboy photo session. Jokes, understandable only for us, included!

Moreover, we show the strange thing we found at the ranch... And tomorrow we'll record another video — this time it will be a rehearsal report. We'll study the finding more thoroughly :)

So... see you tomorrow! ;)


SUNWALTER in a different light!

Dear friends! Some days ago we let ourselves fool about for a while and made a cowboy photo shoot session!

However, the subject matter wasn't selected without good reason — tomorrow we'll post a video taken during the session, where we are going to tell, why we substituted our habitual space surroundings with all those hats and pitchforks! :)

Moreover, during the session we found a strange thing... We'll show it in the video as well.

For now, here you have a couple of photos for a start. A while later we'll publish the main set of promo photos!